Art Study in Spanish Bundle


Ready to get started describing art in Spanish?

In our, Art Study in Spanish Bundle you'll learn the basics of art study, how to set up your lessons, and have a complete set of resources to quickly get started describing art in Spanish. This is a great way to increase Spanish vocabulary and proficiency with an enjoyable activity. 

The Art Study in Spanish Bundle Will Help You…

  • Easily organize many weeks of Spanish language skills practice
  • Describe art in Spanish in five simple steps that last about five minutes
  • Use the elements and principles of art without being an expert
  • Quickly discover useful vocabulary for various types of art
  • Enjoy the experience of tapping into a visual definition of Spanish words and thinking in Spanish at the same time. Maximum learning productivity!


A total of 93 jam-packed printable pages!


The discussion guide walks you through planning, organizing, and implementing your Art Study in Spanish activity time. The instructions outline how to select the artist and art that you will use over the next several weeks. The five steps each have question and answer prompts and an interactive worksheet. 

    ✅   Art Study in Spanish Steps - 30-minute activity

    ✅   Lesson Planning

    ✅  Question and answer prompts

    ✅  Worksheets 


Our Art Study Vocabulary is a thematically organized word bank for each step of the art study time. This includes a collection of Spanish words to introduce the artist and artwork, describe the story, elements of art, and principles of art, and conclude with the artist's message and your response.

  • Artist and Art
  • Story and Elements of Art
  • Details from Memory
  • Principles of Art and Message
  • Write about the Art and Your Response


This visual guide to the Elements and Principles of Art in Spanish introduces design concepts with a visual and connects to key vocabulary to talk about the story and message of the artist in the simplest terms. This saves you from having to go between languages and getting stuck in translation mode.


  • Line
  • Space
  • Color
  • Value
  • Shape
  • Texture


  • Unity
  • Variety
  • Emphasis
  • Movement
  • Contrast
  • Balance
  • Proportion
  • Rhythm

All three digital learning tools work together to make planning and implementing your next Art Study in Spanish activity a breeze!

Please note: Purchase is for individual use. Classroom and co-op licenses are available, please contact us for details at info@growspanish.

This is a digital product. Nothing will ship.

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