Art Study in Spanish Bundle



Our Art Study in Spanish Bundle is a complete set of resources to quickly get started describing art in Spanish. Building all the Spanish language skills has never been easier!

The Art Study in Spanish Bundle Will Help You…

  • Strategically plan out the entire year of Art Study in Spanish skills practice time
  • Know exactly what questions to ask and give answer prompts to describe an artwork
  • Open and go art vocabulary bank organized thematically for each step
  • Dig deeper into the story and message through a variety of design concepts
  • Worksheets to turn new into active vocabulary and maximize skills engagement

What You’ll Receive…

A total of 93 jam-packed printable pages!

  • Art Study in Spanish Discussion Guide
  • Spanish Art Vocabulary
  • Principles and Elements of Art in Spanish

The Art Study in Spanish® Bundle includes

Art Study Discussion Guide ($20)

The Art Study Discussion Guide shows you in five simple steps how to describe an artwork in Spanish using all the language skills. Each step has an engaging worksheets to practice the skills and turn new words into active vocabulary.

  • Art Study Basics
  • Instructions
  • Planner
  • Lesson Plan
  • Show and Tell
  • Artist Profile
  • Artwork Story and Elements
  • Drawing Details from Memory
  • Principles of Art and Message
  • Write Your Response
  • My Artwork Notes
Art Study Vocabulary ($19)

Our Art Study Vocabulary is a thematically organized word bank for each step of the art study time. This includes a collection of Spanish words to introduce the artist and artwork, describe the story, elements of art, principles of art, and conclude with the artists message and your response.

  • Artist Background
  • Countries and Nationality
  • Timeline of Art and Years
  • Art Forms, Genre, Materials, Structures
  • Settings, People, Body, Emotions
  • Objects, Food, Place, House
  • Nature, Animals, Sea Life, Hunting
  • History
  • Abstract Ideas
  • Myths and Mythological Gods
  • Action
  • Elements of Art
  • Numbers, Adjectives
  • Verbs and State of Being
  • Adverbs, Position
  • Principles of Art
  • Art Concepts
  • My Response
  • Theme and Message
  • Writing about the Story
  • Theme
  • Transitions
  • Critique and Analysis
Elements and Principles of Art in Spanish ($19)

This visual guide to the Elements and Principles of Art in Spanish introduces design concepts with a visual and connects to key vocabulary to talk about the story and message of an artwork in the most simplest terms. This saves you from having to go between languages and getting stuck in translation mode.

  • 6 Elements of Art
  • Line, Space, Color, Value, Shape, Texture
  • 8 Principles of Art
  • Unity, Variety, Emphasis, Movement, Contrast, Balance, Proportion, Rhythm

A total of 93 printable pages are included in the digital file (size 8.5″x11″), see details of all the included pages in the product description. This is a digital, printable pdf file only. No physical product will be sent to you.  The digital file will be emailed to you after purchase.

All digital file purchases are final.
Please do not share or copy these documents or files. All files are for personal use only, and all copyrights remain with Grow Spanish.

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