Goal Setting for Language Learning


Are you tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to learning Spanish?

Get a digital copy of our Goal Setting for Language Learners planner which will show you, step-by-step, exactly how to get started learning Spanish faster and easier than ever!

Our Goal Setting for Language Learners planner will help you…

  • Strategically plan out your study plan for the year to accomplish your unique goals
  • Start with the big picture and break it down into actionable and measurable steps
  • Evaluate your experience and set your skills target with our simple rating scale
  • Brainstorm important topics and activities you enjoy for your practice time
  • Stick to a consistent learning routine for massive progress

What you’ll get…

18 jam-packed pages!

  • Ten straight-forward goal planning steps
  • Year Grid
  • Topic Brainstorm
  • Themes for Month and Seasons
  • Skills Experience
  • Skills Target
  • Spanish Goals
  • Activity Brainstorm
  • Activities Organizer
  • Bonus digital planning board

This is a digital product. Nothing will ship.

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