Language Learning Planner


Your key to successful Spanish learning!

  • Are you uncertain how to start learning Spanish? 
  • Are you overwhelmed thinking about all the different apps, podcasts, videos, programs and books that are out there?
  • Do you need time-tested best practices for listening, reading, speaking and writing Spanish?

If you answered YES to any of these then you are the perfect fit for the Language Learning Planner.

What's included with the Language Learning Planner

Goal Setting for Language Learners ($9) Get started learning Spanish faster and easier than ever before. Set language learning goals to accomplish your unique purposes. 

Goal Tracking for Language Learners ($9) Stay motivated and on track to accomplish your big language learning goals. Evaluate your progress weekly, monthly, yearly to maximize your learning productivity.

36 jam-packed printable pages

  • Steps to set goals and track your progress
  • Yearly planning grid
  • Topics and seasonal themes
  • Language skills rating system
  • Activity planning
  • Timeline
  • Milestones
  • Word Count Tracker
  • Grammar Count Tracker
  • What I Studied Log
  • Skills Rating Tracker
  • Daily Study Log
  • Skills Summary
  • Action Steps
  • Habits Log
  • Daily Routine Log

and more...

Includes a bonus digital planning board for Asana

This is a digital product. Nothing will ship.

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