Ultimate Spanish Verb Conjugation Toolbox


Ready to understand verbs and have the right one when you need it?

The Spanish Verb Conjugation Toolbox helps you map out and track your verb meanings and conjugation practice for the entire year. You’ll have the BEST way to learn verb meanings, practice conjugation across every tense and mood and build the four language skills at the same time. A focus on the most common verbs will accelerate your abilities in no time at all!

What you will receive…

  • 9 helpful tabs
  • Verb Bank, Conjugation Grid, Reverse Conjugation Matrix
  • Analyze the jobs of a verb in a sentence
  • Record conjugation rules and exceptions
  • Verb Dashboard® and Verb Flashsheet® to maximize your practice effectiveness

Regular Verb Practice Sheets: to read, say, listen and write the conjugations of the three verb patterns in all the tenses.

  • Most Frequently Used Regular Verbs
  • 40 printable practice sheets
  • State facts and ask fact-based questions
  • Covers all verb patterns in all five tenses

Irregular Verb Practice Sheets: to practice conjugating the verb groups that are different than the regular patterns.

  • Most Frequently Used Irregular Verbs
  • The 8 Irregular Verb Groups
  • Model verb for each irregular group
  • 130 printable practice sheets

Top Five Irregular Verb Flashcards: Test and strengthen your memory of the most common Spanish verbs.

  • 5 Printable verb flashcard sets
  • State facts in all five tenses (indicative mood)
  • State non-facts in subjunctive mood
  • Make commands and requests in imperative mood

Everything you need to quickly understand and have the right verb in memory when you need it!

Did you know? Our Verb Conjugation Spreadsheet is a great complement to our Ultimate Spanish Study System. If you’re looking to focus on verb meanings and conjugations, this spreadsheet and study system is for you!

This is a digital product. Nothing ships.

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