Spanish Irregular Verb Conjugation Practice Sheets


Ready for your most productive verb conjugation practice ever?

The Irregular Verb Conjugation Practice Sheets are jam-packed with powerful features to simplify a complex grammar concept into easy-to-do small steps. You’ll get started with one irregular verb and practice reading, writing, saying and listening to all the variations according to your skill level. 

You’ll Learn

  • the basics of how to conjugate Spanish verbs
  • to separate the parts of a verb and what they mean
  • how to easily identify the verb class select the ending pattern for five tenses

What You’ll Receive

  • Six Steps to Conjugate Spanish Irregular Verbs
  • Most Frequently Used Spanish Irregular Verbs
  • Blank Conjugation Template
  • 130 Irregular Verb Conjugation Practice Sheets

This set of practice sheets will help you state facts and ask fact-based questions with the most frequently used verbs. The irregular verbs are grouped into:

  • Sight Verbs 
  • Stem Verbs 
  • Plus Verbs
  • Shift Verbs 
  • Stress Verbs
  • Verb Families
  • Sync Verbs
  • Strong Verbs 

Each of these irregular groups follow their own unique patterns. Start with one verb and then repeat with the next verb. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

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