Spanish Irregular Verb Conjugation Practice Sheets


Looking for a consistent way to instantly understand and say the irregular verb correctly?

The verb conjugation practice sheets are the most effective way to learn how to conjugate verbs and practice using them. Each worksheet is jam-packed with powerful features to simplify the concept into small and easy-to-use steps. They are organized to maximize your learning productivity with the Conjugation Snowball Effect, where one model verb applies to an entire group. 

Our practice sheets will help you… 

    🌟 Conjugate any irregular verb 

    🌟 Identify the parts of a verb

    🌟 Recognize what group a verb belongs to

    🌟 Understand what the ending means

    🌟 Remember the right verb and its meaning in a flash

What You’ll Receive

  • How to Conjugate Irregular Verbs in 6 Steps
  • Most Frequently Used Spanish Irregular Verbs List
  • Blank Conjugation Worksheets
  • 140 Irregular Verb Practice Sheets

As you practice reading, writing, and listen to yourself say the verb conjugations you’ll grow your ability to state facts in any time period:


  • Indicative Mood


  • Present Tense
  • Preterite Tense
  • Imperfect Tense
  • Future Tense
  • Conditional

This set of irregular verb practice sheets groups the irregular verbs into eight pattern groups. 


    ✅ Sight Verbs

    ✅ Stem Verbs

    ✅ Plus Verbs 

    ✅ Shift Verbs 

    ✅ Stress Verbs 

    ✅ Verb Families 

    ✅ Sync Verbs 

    ✅ Strong Verbs



Regular Verb Conjugation Practice Sheets


Did you know? Our practice sheets are also included in our Spanish Verb Conjugation Toolbox! If you’re looking to have a consistent practice routine without gaps, this toolbox is for you!


Please note: Purchase is for individual use. Classroom and co-op licenses are available, please contact us for details at info@growspanish.

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