Spanish Regular Verb Conjugation Worksheets


Looking for a consistent way to instantly understand Spanish verbs correctly?

These conjugation worksheets are the most effective way to learn how to conjugate and practice Spanish regular verbs. Each worksheet is jam-packed with powerful features to simplify the concept into small and easy-to-use steps. They are organized to quickly learn the verb forms using the Conjugation Snowball Effect, where a model verb applies to the entire group. 

Our practice sheets will help you… 

    🌟 Conjugate any regular verb 

    🌟 Identify the parts of any verb

    🌟 Recognize what class a verb belongs to

    🌟 Understand what the ending means

    🌟 Remember the right verb and its meaning in a flash

What You’ll Receive

  • How to Conjugate Regular Verbs in 5 Steps
  • Most Frequently Used Spanish Regular Verbs List
  • Blank Conjugation Worksheets
  • 40 Regular Verb Practice Sheets

As you practice reading, writing, and listen to yourself say the verb conjugations you’ll grow your ability to state facts in any time period:


  • Indicative Mood


  • Present Tense
  • Preterite Tense
  • Imperfect Tense
  • Future Tense
  • Conditional

This set of regular verb practice sheets groups the irregular verbs into three groups. 


    ✅ First Class -ar verbs

    ✅ Second Class -er verbs

    ✅ Third Class -ir verbs



Irregular Verb Conjugation Practice Sheets


Did you know? Our practice sheets are also included in our Spanish Verb Conjugation Toolbox! If you’re looking to have a consistent practice routine without gaps, this toolbox is for you!


Please note: Purchase is for individual use. Classroom and co-op licenses are available, please contact us for details at info@growspanish.

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